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South African Home Schools

South African Home Schools

Vegvisir OD Learning and Development assists the industry by preparing and aiding Home Tutors for the journey that lies ahead. Our carefully designed programmes provide Home Tutors with the skills, knowledge and abilities to facilitate high quality and engaging learning experiences that will prepare the child for further education or for the working environment.

South African Home Schools have grown over the years and sees more children being placed into such a programme. There are many aspects to consider when deciding to place your child in home schooling. Factors could include whether the CAPS or IEB syllabus will be followed. How will the learning be structured and how will assessments be conducted?

Home Tutor (OD ETDP – NQF 5)

Vegvisir OD Learning and Development promotes quality learning for the home schooling environment by providing Home Tutors with competencies required for educaiton, training and development. These competencies ensure that the child has a quality learning experience and are based on the following:

Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practices

This learning programme is conducted in accordance with the National Certificate: Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practices (Unit Standard ID: 50334)

The Designing and Developing of learning interventions.
The Facilitation of learning and continuous improvement thereof.
The Designing and Conducting of assessments.
The Facilitation of Skills Development.

Bridge To Success

Our cornerstone course, The Bridge To Success provides great value for both the Home Tutor and the learner as this course provides excellent Emotional Intelligence abilities and understanding. This course consists of the following modules:


Career Pathing

Deciding on a career at a young age can be very dificult for some, in addition, the career path of any individual could at any time during their life. Our career pathing services enables learners and parents to identify and plan for the career path that optimal for the child. This is done through engagements sessions and ensures that your child is academically and emotionally prepared for their careers.

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