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Home School Tutors


Home School Tutors in South Africa are becoming more prominent. As a homeschool tutor, you will be required to ensure that your child receives a good quality education that is in line with governmental requirements.

Vegvisir is passionate about quality learning and development for all, especially when it comes to innovating and improving learning experiences.

We have designed our Home School Tutor programme to accommodate parents who prefer the homeschool education channel and would like to achieve excellent results.

Home School Tutors (OD ETDP – NQF 5)

Our Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practices (OD ETDP) Qualification aligns Home Tutors with the requirements that the South African government has outlined for the Home Schooling industry.

This course equips parents with the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to effectively and efficiently manage their children’s education.

Catered to your needs

We have customised this course to include education models that will give the child a quality schooling experience while preparing him/ her for the world beyond education.

Topics covered in this course include:

Designing learning interventions that are appropriate for the learning objectives.
Design learning interventions that prepare the child for assessments.
Facilitate learning experiences that promote and encourage lifelong learning and development.
Facilitate the learning process in engaging ways using relevant techniques.
Design and conduct assessments that are recognised and approved by the appropriate authorities.
Design and conduct assessments that are engaging and deliver quality results.

Bridge To Success

Our Bridge To Succes course is our cornerstone programme that has an impact, relevance and practical applications for various persons. We have developed this course with the aim of enabling Home School Tutors to not only understand and apply these essential life skills but to also embed them in the education of the child.

This gives the child an enhanced emotional intelligence understanding and ability that benefits one greatly in a society where social issues are more important than ever.

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