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Higher Education


As part of Vegivisr’s commitment towards people development, we offer a variety of higher education services for learners that are making the transition from grade 12 to tertiary education or to the working environment.

We also offer NQF aligned and SETA accredited courses that ads great value for young professionals, school leavers and students that are enrolled in tertiary institutions.

Work Readiness

As part of our higher education initiatives, we offer an array of courses that prepare school leavers and university students for the working environment.

Welcome To Work

These programmes address general aspects and problems that are encountered when making the transition from a learning institution to the working environment.


The My Application course provides learners with the required knowledge and skills to successfully start looking for work and ensuring that their application is well received when applying for vacant positions.

The course covers aspects such as cover letters, cv’s and the various formats and how to communicate throughout the job hunting process.


Being able to conduct a good interview is a skill that can be learned and when mastered can have great benefits.

This course provides learners with knowledge and skills that can be used to effectively manage the interviewing process from the telephone interview all the way through to accepting or declining the job offer.


We live in a society that has integrated our personal and professional lives. It has become a common practice for employers to research possible employees by looking at their social media profiles and other results from search engines that could give them an insight into who they are employing.

This course will give delegates the abilities and skills to be able to market themselves appropriately while building their personal brand.

Project Management

Being able effectively and efficiently manage projects is a great benefit for both personal and professional reasons. Whether you are planning a vacation or a multi-million rand business deal, project management knowledge, skills, and abilities contribute greatly towards the quality of what you are doing.

This higher education course in project management will enable delegates to understand project management concepts and terminology while practically applying tools and techniques to achieve predetermined objectives.


Business Management

Managing a sustainable business in South Africa has many aspects that must be taken into account. Our higher education programme in Business Management is aimed at providing delegates with the knowledge, skills and abilities required to successfully navigate the South African business environment while applying indfustry best practices.

The course will cover topics usch as finance, marketing, strategy and administration.

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