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About Us


/’VEGG-vee-seer /

noun: Icelandic for Way finder.


Vegvisir OD Learning and Development was established in 2016 by Sonet Clarke with the objective of addressing children’s performance in schools. Vegvisir has since acquired new partners that have enabled us to expand our products and services to the world of business and tertiary learning environments.

With this incorporation it means that an award winning team has been reunited, collectively working towards goals that they are passionate about in the education, training and development field.


Our Management and Staff have over 25 years collective experience in Psychology, Education and Learning and Development, Coaching and Mentoring and are all qualified Subject Matter Experts in their fields.

Through incorporating partners that share our passion for children and adults alike, we have been able to build programmes that bridge the traditional gaps and innovatively apply age old principles.


Vegvisir OD Learning and Development is currently undering the Accreditation process with the Services SETA.

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