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5 Steps To Getting Your Dream Job

5 Steps To Getting Your Dream Job

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5 Steps to Getting Your Dream Job

The 5 Steps to Getting Your Dream Job process is designed to reduce poor placements for employers and increase job satisfaction for employees.  This article gives an overview of a detailed strategy for finding your ideal employment situation.

While for many of us, harsh economic conditions may pressure us to do any job that we can find, it remains important to strategically follow your career objectives.  Failure to do so may have detrimental effects such as becoming an unemployable candidate.  The article will guide you on how to fast-track the process of getting into a new job effectively and efficiently.


The first step which is extremely important; ye,t is far too often ignored is a deeper understanding of why you want a specific job.  This starts by understanding yourself, ask yourself questions like “what drives me?”.  “What am I passionate about?”.  And the ever famous where do you see yourself in 5 years?  By comprehensively understanding your career objectives you increase your chances of finding your dream job.

The 2nd part of the deciding phase of the 5 Steps to Getting Your Dream Job model is understanding your ideal employment situation.  Firstly, consider what type of job you see yourself doing, is it office based, or will you travel? Will you engage with a customer or provide back-end support?  Secondly, consider the type of company would like to work for.  Will it be a large corporate where you will be specializing in a field or a smaller organization that will require you to be multi-skilled?  You will also need to consider the kind of boss you want to work for.  Would you prefer open communication channels or rigid reporting structures?

By understanding the above, you will be able to better align your personal objectives, personality, and ethics with your potential employers’ objectives and culture.  You will now be very well prepared to find your dream job.


The application phase of the 5 Steps to Getting Your Dream Job model is relatively time-consuming since this is largely implicated by economic conditions.  However, once you have found a suitable vacancy, the application process will entail certain generic aspects.

A critical aspect is the documents that you need to have readily available, they are; your CV, Qualifications and Generic Cover letter.  When applying for the vacancy you will need to provide a motivation that will address the specifics of the job ad.  During your communication with the recruiter it important to be clear about arrangements and ask open-ended questions about your main concerns.  During the interview, it is important to show that you have done research about your potential employer by asking open-ended questions about the organization and the designation you are applying for.


Resulting from successful interviews, you will need to ensure that you are appropriately prepared for your new journey.  This can be done in various ways, for example, outline your personal strengths and skills to consider how you will use them to contribute to your new position.  You can also make use of visualization exercises and visualize yourself in your new employer’s building, working with colleagues, executing typical tasks that will be expected of you.  First impressions count, and they last, show up on your first day being well rested and prepared.  On your first day, make sure you understand the basic rules and general logistics of your employment.


The 5 Steps to Getting Your Dream Job process doesn’t just focus on finding a job aspect, it also considers how you will integrate with your new journey.  Generally, it is accepted that new employees take approximately 3 – 9 months to effectively integrate into their positions.  It’s important for you to have a pro-active approach towards efficiently settling in to ensure you can effectively address any challenges.  Another important to understand your responsibilities and how you will contribute to your individual objectives.  This will help you in your efforts to deliver quality work to achieve the goals of the team, the department, business unit, and the company.  Identify the relationships you will need to manage in your designation and make sure you work towards keeping them healthy.


The last phase comes as no surprise since any quality system must review the process that has been applied.  It is not uncommon for someone to be employed in the same company and/ or job for 30 years or more.  It is, however, generally accepted that should employees test their competitiveness in the job market approximately every 5 years.  By reviewing your previous employment efforts, you will able to improve your prospects.  You can start by considering how effective you found each step of the process and consider any areas for improvement.  You should also manage your expectations by measuring your previous expectations and what the reality turned out to be.  This will provide you with great lessons that you will be able to learn and consider when looking for a new job.

Applying the 5 Steps to Getting Your Dream Job model will allow you to better navigate your planned journey throughout your career.  You will also be able more efficiently fast track your career progression and become well suited for managing change.  In closing, we at Vegvisir wish you well with your employment prospects.


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